Pop Culture Post Secret: An Open Letter to Paris Hilton


Dear paris

It’s not hard to find criticism of Paris Hilton, that poster child of the rich-and-famous (or rather, the famous-because-they’re-rich). With all this recent buzz about Paris’ upcoming prison sentence going around, there’s been quite a lot of activity in the blogosphere about her whole image. One of my favorite bloggers, 14, has just added to her extensive catalog of Paris Hilton parodies over at Gallery of the Absurd. Of course, Pink is the New Blog has also been kind enough to cover the story and provide photos of Paris playing a new, more demure version of herself (praying even!).

What really got me going on this Paris thing, however, was the variety of open letters that are circulating around. Apparently Candy Spelling, mother of Tori Spelling and rich/plastic-looking in her own right, has sent this open letter to Paris Hilton, criticizing her for trying to get out of her jail sentence and not taking responsibility.

In the meantime, Candy sent a similar open letter to Joe Francis, criticizing him for similarly not accepting his time in prison very well. She concludes with the amusing paragraph:

“Your world has changed, and you’re the poster boy for what can happen when boys go wild. Your every move and every emotion are still being reported, but not the way you want. It’s time for some dignity. At least it might prevent you from being forever defined as a crybaby.”

Joe responded with his own biting letter, but the response in the TMZ comments seems to be mostly positive and mildly amused, with the rare exception that cries “rich bitch” and questions Candy’s authority. Personally, I think this move is pretty clever on her part. Never mind that she was herself the very-rich, very-blonde wife of TV’s most prolific producer and even took the vapid name “Candy” when she married him. Joe criticized Candy, saying that “it’s sad and pathetic you had the audacity to post that letter on the internet instead of just sending it to Paris personally,” but writing these letters as Hollywood’s moral conscience and posting them on TMZ puts her on the map with younger people who, like me, never knew her name before it showed up on the net. The letters themselves aren’t that impressive or even satirical, but that’s hardly the point. The message is not really for Paris Hilton or Joe Francis, but for us.


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