Pop Culture Post Secret: Happy Fazzer’s Day



So, I have managed to pull myself out of my relative indolence (i.e. summer vacation in Europe) to celebrate one very special man this Father’s Day. For those curious about my selection process, here were the steps that led up to my decision:

1) See an ad for Baywatch on DVD in a German entertainment magazine.
2) Remember the large display I once saw in a German music store for David Hasselhoff’s classic 2004 album “David Hasselhoff Sings America.”
3) Cry to myself a little.
4) Turn to the Internet for comfort and watch highly amusing/sad video of the Hoff trying to eat a cheeseburger while his teenage daughter looks on and asks him to promise to stop drinking. Experience schadenfreude (def).
5) Read the news that the Hoff has just won full legal custody of his two daughters after a lengthy and bitter divorce (source).
6) Puzzle on this combination of images and words until spark occurs.

While the custody decision may come as a bit of a surprise given the aforementioned drinking problem, the Hoff said in a statement to ET that is it “because of [his] honest and positive relationship with my daughters who were concerned for [his] well being” that the tape was made and further insists that it was only a relapse from which he has learned his lesson. So either the court believes that Mr.Hoff is managing his alcoholism or, in the words of Trent, over at Pink is the New Blog, “The Hoff must’ve busted out some major dirt on his ex-wife in order to win custody.”

Personally, I think his behavior on the video might be a result of thinking about Baywatch on DVD . . . that makes me nauseous too.


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