Just a thought

mccartneyOk, so I actually have several “serious” posts planned but, before I could get to an available scanner, I happened to find myself in a Starbucks, staring at a rack of CDs- Paul McCartney’s new album, “Memory Almost Full.” Looking at the display, I was reminded of two things- 1) my hard drive- it’s probably also about to send me the same message and 2) Hugh Grant’s has-been pop star character “Alex Fletcher” in the film Music and Lyrics (which, for the record, I watched on a plane, the first half without headphones). Now, I’m not calling McCartney a has-been (that post would have to be a lot longer), but his pose and puckered lips easily evoked that “star of 80s synthfest trying to be cool” thing that “Alex Fletcher” has going on, or any other Hugh Grant character for that matter, since he is always either “the charming, quirky British man who enters to sweep some unsuspecting basket-case off her feet, spouting lines in his delightful accent and shaking his cute butt when he thinks no one is looking, OR he’s the charming British man who is initially masquerading as an asshole but eventually shows his softer side.” (source). I’m not sure Sir Paul is the guy to pull off the “I’m so quirky and neurotic, I must be charming, right?” but he’s welcome to try. Unfortunately, I can’t find a bona fide pic of his puckered lips on the web, but you can see it in miniature on the Starbucks homepage. In the meantime, enjoy “POP! Goes My Heart” below.

Oh, and as penance for inadvertently promoting anything coming from Starbucks, I’ll post this link.


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