(Warning: Atrocious Pun) some stats BOUND to be surprising

Every day a number of people come to this blog after searching for “bound.”

In the past 7 days, I have received 79 hits from people searching for terms including the word “bound.”

The vast majority of these entries are simply the word itself (variously capitalized), but others include “girls full tied” or “bound hilton” or “bound women.”

In the past 30 days, my post on Bound (Correspondence, Surveillance, and the “Riddle of Bisexuality” in Bound) has been read 9 times.

Something fishy is going on. Either a) people looking for information about the film just aren’t enticed into clicking “more” and reading the second half (fair enough) or b) people are simply searching for the movie poster which happens to accompany the article.

These are both interesting and reasonable theories. However, I am quite certain that there is a subset of people out there looking for something completely unrelated to the feature film when they come to my site. . . and they must be surprised with what they get when they come here.

That said: to all those out there coming to this page after searching for “bound,” I want you to know that I wonder what you’re looking for. I’m curious about you. And if you could comment and drop a line about what brought you here, I’d be very appreciative.

No pressure, no judging.

And while you’re here, enjoy my hodgepodge gallery of pics, all of which come up on the first page of a google image search for “bound.” Notice anything?

bound womanbound feetbound keikobound to the brotherhoodbound libertybound nuditymanbound book


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